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Native iOS Senior Developer - Technical Leader

Code: SiOSDev


For our Turin office, we are looking for a Native iOS Senior Developer - Technical Leader to develop and manage the Apple mobile applications we build with our in-house teams.

We are looking for talented people with a lot of passion for innovation and software development. People with the enthusiasm and desire to discover new frameworks, tools and libraries and the ambition to build high quality products.

This position requires knowledge of Swift, Apple design guidelines and the MVVM pattern. Knowledge of SwiftUI is appreciated. Code will be versioned (git), tested and documented.

What You Will Do:

  • design and development of software solutions;
  • planning of software development projects;
  • defining activities of their duration and sequence;
  • project communication management;
  • management, organization and participation in calls/meetings with clients;
  • coordination and management of the delivery team;
  • writing quality, testable, maintainable and documented code;

What we are looking for:

  • iOS Senior Developer (Object Oriented Programming, mobile databases, Agile Methodology, project management best practices);
  • experience of at least 2 years in the role of project manager within a software development or consulting company in the IT segment;
  • ability to analyze requirements and define technical specifications;
  • predisposition to work in a team, high communication and interpersonal skills;
  • ability to set priorities and coordinate resources;
  • ability to manage and control time and process planning;
  • good knowledge of technical computer English both written and spoken;

What we are really looking for:

  • passion and accuracy
  • curiosity and creativity;
  • dynamics, reliability, resourcefulness and initiative;
  • aptitude for problem solving (within IT, systems and architectures) and working by objectives;

What we offer:

  • Contract for an indefinite term;
  • Level of employment and salary commensurate with the candidate's seniority
  • Pay: €43,000 - €51,000 inclusive of performance benefits
  • Work location: Turin - flexible location/remote;
  • Work Hours: Full Time;
  • Equipment: MacBookPro/Windows + company phone + company SIM card;
  • 'Bring a friend' benefit
  • Ticket Restaurant
  • Performance benefits
  • Health Care
  • Work/Life balance
  • Training: training plan and certifications;
  • Expected date of placement: Immediate or consistent with contractual notice of successful candidate

Selection is aimed at both sexes of Art. 1 L. 903/77

Il nostro processo di selezione

1. Send us your best CV.

We will screen your CV among the many we receive and contact you if it passes the first screening.

2. Cognitive Interview

Should your CV have passed screening you will face an initial cognitive interview with our HR.

3. Technical Interview

Following a positive outcome from our HR, you will face a second technical interview. You may be given a test.

4. Welcome aboard

If the previous steps are successful, you will be formalized with a proposal for employment.

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